Orthodontics in
Fort Worth

Have you ever bitten down and your teeth just felt “off”? This may be due to a misalignment that can be easily corrected through the use of braces.

Orthodontics in Fort Worth

At Silver Sage Family Dentistry, we have excellent experience in helping patients obtain the perfectly aligned smile they’ve always wanted. When the teeth are aligned correctly, it can cause your overall health to improve as well. Tension headaches, neck pain, and facial appearance can all be improved through the use of orthodontics.

We offer a convenient approach compared to the traditional braces that are commonly prescribed to patients in the past. ClearCorrect offers an incredible improvement over a series of quick and convenient appointments. Another great thing about ClearCorrect is that they are clear and/or naturally-colored, so other individuals will not even realize that you’re wearing an orthodontic device!

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Review from Brittany B.
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five-star review

Brittany B.

Great dentist. The office is very clean and the staff are very knowledgeable and nice. I have been to some pretty bad dentists and I'm happy to say that this office is not one of them.
Review from Danielle K.
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five-star review

Danielle K.

I have been very pleased with the dental office. The dentist there spotted a problem in a tooth that I have complained about for years that no other dentist ever was able to see. The office is friendly and clean and there are TVs mounted above you so you can watch shows while they work on your teeth. Great place!
Review from Malina R.
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five-star review

Malina R.

Such a friendly group of staff, excellent service! I didn't feel like I was just another customer. I felt very comfortable and at home kind of feeling.
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Dr. Syeda Ara
Healthy teeth and a beautiful smile have always been very important to Dr. Ara.

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